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All About Public Relations ...

Featured Articles on Public Relations
PR professionals share their very best insider secrets and tips on how to conduct winning public relations.

Not Much New Under the Zoom Sun
Confounded on how to tap new technologies and platforms for your PR campaigns? Longtimer Ed Barks says the old tried and true methods apply.

Best Professional Tips for PR Newcomers
PR and marketing blogger Richard Lynch shares ten most useful suggestions as you start a career in public relations.

How to Prepare for a Live TV Interview
Among a kitful of suggestions, media expert Dusha Zapata says the secret to interview success is remember: it's never all about you.

Finding a Win-Win PR Internship
An internship with a public relations firm can help kickstart your career in the field. Brian Gottesman has some suggestions.

How Professional Speakers Fit on Talk Radio
f you would like to ply your professional speaking skills on talk radio gigs, guest expert John Longenecker has insights and tips to share.

Public Relations on the Internet
An online presence is essential for modern public relations campaigns, and Jonathan Hulet shares tips to help ensure returns.

How to Market Yourself to Talk Radio
Before you hit the radio talk-show circuit, make sure your expertise translates well to the medium. John Longenecker tells how.

How to Win and Wow a Crowd
The secret of an effective presentation is to catch your breath, create some space, and captivate your audience, says Mari Pat Varga.

Effective Holiday Public Relations Strategies
Some professionals take holidays off. Jonathan Hulet says for PR people, that may be a time to step up the effort.

Crafting Effective Media Releases
Even start-up companies and nonprofit organizations with small or no advertising budgets can win valuable media play.

Media Relations Tips & Tactics
Once you've crafted your finely honed release, here are some suggestions on how to attract media interest in your newsworthy story

(More Articles Below)

Public Relations Leadership
Dr. Dan Eller says that the best leadership skills are developed through a process of collaboration, in this scholarly piece.

Talk Radio Impacts Elections at Light Speed
How spin and nuance are key as political campaigns hit the radio talk show circuit, with insights from John Longenecker.

Content Marketing & PR Marketing
It is critical to apply different marketing tatics for content, and public relations. Jonathan Hulet shares details.

Social Media at the Expense of Your Website?
While it's important to develop a social media presense, it should not cost losing a focus on the critical online home base. Eddie Velez explains why.

How to Answer the Really Tough Questions
You may face an unrelenting reporter, an adamant questioner from the audience, or a probing public policymaker. Ed Barks suggests means to handle it best.

Use Social Media to Boost Your PR
Public relations campaigns are an old guest at social affairs, and it's well past time make a show at roaring new media venues, says PR writer Laura Burkey.

Transforming Organizations
Drs. Dan Eller and Patrick Faverty consider the critical transformational relationships of communications and public relations in this scholarly article.

As Privacy Concerns Rise, Cookies Crumble
Adrienne Erin says even as customers and companies address privacy issues, tracking and retargeting is here to stay -- as a good thing.

Unlocking Ethical Public Relations
Dr. Dan Eller provides an academic treatise on how two-way symmetrical commuincations can help build better sustainable relationships.

Five Ways to Repair a Bad Online Reputation
When they're talking about you on the internet, but the words aren't good, it's time to step up with some reputation management. Heather Legg has a handful of tips how.

The PR Side of Guerilla Marketing
Public relations and marketing tactics can sometimes team up in innovative ways beneficial to small business start-ups. Genevieve Coates shares some ideas how.

Successful PR through a Focus on Publics
Dr. Dan Eller says that internal collaboration helps to forge a foundation for building strong external relationships.

The Evolution of Public Relations in Russia
PR in Russia has developed from the early days of smear campaigns into more sophisticated and successful communications campaigns. Russian public relations expert Marina Maslovskaya provides an assessment.

Online PR and SEO: Really the Same Thing?
The duties of PR and search engine optimization may seem as stark as the differences between left and right, but Amanda DiSilvestro says the best results come when they join hands to get the job done.

Social Media Marketing: More Than Promotion
More than just a means to promotional messaging, Eddie Velez says social media can help with customer retention and online reputation, while also reducing administrative costs.

How to Choose Between PR and Advertising
While each has their own ups and downs, the differences between public relations and advertising are clear, and Steve Turner says how they differ matters to the tactics of a successful campaign.

Connecting Emotional Intelligence with PR
The most effective public relations consider the emotional skills of a practioner, and how well they emotionally connect with the target audience. Sara Fletcher provides details on how to make it work.

How to Write a Comprehensive Public Relations Plan
Craig Miyamoto, APR and Fellow PRSA, has prepared this excellent primer on the fundamentals of crafting a PR Plan.

For Best Promotion, Think Human Nature
No matter how much marketing technologies evolve, Eddie Velez says common sense fundamentals still apply to successful campaigns.

How to Be A Print Reporter's Best Pick
Insightful media relations expert Ginny Grimsley shares her top tips for becoming a print reporter's favorite source when it's crunch time. The bottom line is easy: understand and feed a need.

How to Get a Job in Public Relations
PR employment writier Carlo Pandian says it's the very first steps you take that may help to ensure a long and successful career in the ever-chaning public relations industry.

Tips for Taking on Tough Talk Radio
Former snarky talk-show host Alex Hinojosa shares insider insights on how to sit cooly in the hot seat when a radio interview turns mean.

Career Choices: In-House or Agency?
The public relations professional fresh to the field may face a difficult decision in choosing between a career at an agency, or providing in-house services. Amanda DiSilvestro details the options.

How to Make Sure the Camera Loves You
It's tough enough to score points on a television talk show without fretting too much over the basics of your looks. Marcia Friedman shares 8 tips from a media pro on how to charm the screen.

How to Create an Effective Retail Website
First impressions matter most when an easy exit is a quick click away. The tactics to craft a website's design to be more friendly to media visitors are simple and three, as described by Margie Zable Fisher.

An Insider's Take on Talk Radio
Radio has gone through as many radical changes as other media. Still it's a valuable outlet for media campaigns, as Marsha Friedman gets tips from former talk-show host Alex Hinojosa.

Why Internal PR Should Come First
External public relations campaigns will be all the more effective if your internal PR is in good order. Amanda DiSilvestro suggests three steps to help.

Five Simple Ways to Promote Special Events
Getting media coverage of your special community events is not only easy, it's often free. Mary White has five tips on how to put your event on the calendars of the media and participants.

How do Mainstream Media Use Social Media?
Old media and new media are increasingly allies rather than competitors for our attentions. Marcia Friedman counts three ways social media now affect much of what we see, hear, read, and ultimately do.

Learning from Past Public Relations Crises
What *not* to do in a crisis situation can be just as important as what you *do* do. Amanda DiSilvestro culls some lessons from the examples of companies not-so-successfully coping with crises.

Networking Without an Internship
There's more than one way to land that first job in public relations. Other than the internship route, Sarah Smith offers five suggestions on how to open the door to a new PR career.

The Art of Media Relations in Brazil
Brazilian media expert Fernanda Di Franco provides an insider's take on the opportunities, means and challenges for staging successful public relations campaigns in her country.

What is a 3-D Public Relations Campaign?
Movies aren't the only medium now playing in three dimensions. Marcia Friedman provides a checklist on how to broaden your profile with multimedia outreaching for television, radio, print/online, and social media.

How to Maximize Speaking Engagements
When you have a highly competitive niche and low funds for promotion, grabbing a podium for a public presentation may make good sense. Steve Markman has eight tips for how to successfully market out on the speaking circuit.

How to Find Harmony with Power Bloggers
Blogging is still a hazy concept in many outreach campaigns, but Amanda DiSilvestro says powerful bloggers are now gatekeepers to essential audiences, and she suggests four steps to best dip your toes in the blog pool.

Twitter: A Crisis Communications Tool
When the times are heated and the timing is critical, tweets can provide fast and accessible communications with the media and your stakeholders. Social media expert Camrick Clark has four tips how.

What Should Your Promotional Tagline Be?
'Master of All Media and Marketing' may be a tempting tagline to describe yourself, but Marsha Friednman suggests that's up to others to decide. Sometimes the best descriptive choice is none at all.

Should Face-to-Face Meetings Matter?
Despite a near lifetime emersed in social media, young business observer Amanda DiSilvestro suggests there are times when an in-personal touch beats high-tech for sales, negotiations, and apologies.

What to Expect from Online Exposure
Do all the efforts and costs of public relations efforts really impact the bottomline of sales? Marsha Friedman offers examples of how they might, and how you might measure the impact.

How to Start Your Dream Career in Public Relations
More entry-level jobs in public relations are won through personal networks than by job boards and ads. Amanda DiSilvestro provides six tips on how to network your way to a PR career while still an intern at college.

So, Just How Does a PR Campaign Help Sales?
Do all the efforts and costs of public relations efforts really impact the bottomline of sales? Marsha Friedman offers examples of how they might, and how you might measure the impact.

How to Start Your Own PR Agency
Would you like to step in the ring and run your own public relations company? Amanda DiSilvestro says take the bull by the horns with six start-up tips.

How to Assess PR Campaign Results
Marsha Friedman says the internet hasn't changed the fundamental rules
when it's time to guage the effectiveness of a public relations campaign.

How to Kill Your Viral Video
It doesn't take much to kill the chances of your video going viral, but with some attentive care, Mark Macias says your video clip can pump life on your website and blog page.

Social Listening: Hearing Your New PR Ideas
Good social network marketing starts with careful attention to what's already being said. Matthew Stites provides two key starting points to more effective creation of online communciations buzz.

Bloggers Win More Trust Than Celebrities
Publicity expert Marsha Friedman shares detail on findings that bloggers have become a trusted prime source of online information. It's a trend PR communicators should heed.

How to Attract Seasonal Shoppers
For some retailers, a single holiday can make or break a company. Margie Zable Fisher has tips on how to make your holiday gifts irresistible to the media with seasonal marketing PR.

How to Use Facebook to Market a Book
New authors can save untold thousands in advertising costs and find enthusiastic readers with social networking tools such as Facebook. Scott Lorenz provides seven steps on just how to do it.

How Ghostwritten Books Promote Clients
Publicity expert Marsha Friedman interviews ghostwriter and author Michael Levin on how ghostwriting a book may be used to effectively promote your business clients.

Tactics to Get Your Products Stocked in Stores
It can be a tough sell to gatekeeping managers to place your product line on store shelves. Marsha Friedman suggests tapping your customers' help for better success in getting your goods to market.

Friendraising New PR Relationships
Social networking can be taken to a higher level, building public relations foundations on mutually beneficial friendships. Dr. Dan Eller provides a four step plan on how to make that so.

Marketing Yourself for a Public Relations Job
It's tough to land that first PR gig in a competive field. Mike Crawford shares some tips on how to present yourself above and beyond the fray with a handful of essential steps.

So, Where Are Your Sales?
There are few absolutes when it comes to sales success, but public relations and marketing tactics are key players on the field for winning sales, says expert Marsha Friedman.

How to Pitch Best for Media Placements
A newcomer to media relations may well worry how to tactifully approach that first media contact. Arit Essien recounts five fundamental rules to help ease the way for a novice pitch.

An Insider's Take on Talk Radio
Talk radio offers outstanding opportunities for accessible and in-depth coverage of your issues. Marsha Friedman provides insights in this interview with Talkers Magazine publisher Michael Harrison.

The Case for a Reputation Protection Model
Case studies ranging from Tylenol, to BP, to sports superstars demonstrate that a solid plan in place can help prepare for and recover from devastating crises. Andrew Gilman comprehensively details how.

How A Title Change Can Transform a Story
Would Tomorrow's Another Day have outsold the epic Gone With the Wind? Scott Lorenz shares tales of where simply renaming a book can give a second life to your publishing success.

Is the Television Commercial Dying?
Tony Panaccio says it's what happens *between* commercials that's becoming more important, as you target media relations towards the editorial side of programming -- both saving money and boosting trust.

Social Responsibility and Public Relations
Public relations pros and aspirants are in a special position to advance causes for good. Writer Anna Levy interviews 'green' agency head Anna Guyer on tips to put three P's of people, profit and planet into PR play.

How to Get Better Media Coverage
You may be crafting your media release for wide distribution to print, broadcast, and online media, but Steve Turner says you'll win better results if you tailor your writing toward the needs of specific outlets and gatekeepers.

How Authors Can Promote Cookbooks on TV
Whether your new book is about old-world recipes, home decoration tips, or rebuilding classic engines, Scott Lorenz has specific details on how best to demonstrate your how-to text on television shows.

How to Effectively Promote Yourself
If you're to be an effective promoter, one of the most important products to promote is yourself. Mark Macias details how to use your very best public relations skills at networking events for your own good.

Prepare Yourself for Speeches & Presentations
There are two fundamental tips to be your best when presenting to the public, says Andrew Gilman: 1) Practice till perfect, and 2) Avoid the myth that you'll do better live than you do in rehersal.

Technology Public Relations in Turkey
Turkey is one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world. Feray Alpay says this provides plenty of opportunity for those prepared to navigate the unique cultural challenges.

How to Run Ethically Sound PR Campaigns
Publicists are typically under pressure to provide fast and fabulous results for their clients. Steven Le Vineoffers five tips on how to speed along while avoiding perilous shortcuts down hazardous roads.

The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & PR
In a wide-ranging interview with international marketing expert and author Al Ries, 20-year PR veteran Marsha Friedman considers where the mercurial marketplace has come from, and where it may be headed.

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Have Video
Video clips playing on your business website can entice visitors to stay longer and buy more. Mark Macias explains how videos can showcase your company and enhance customer experience.

The Art of Pitching to the Media
Matching your message to the right outlet may be like selecting the perfect bottle of wine to complement your main dish. Regine Nelson has six tips to help craft a tasty message the media might bite.

How Holidays Can Drive Your PR Campaign
Whether it's Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog-Month or the birthday of a dead celebrity, there may be a news hook just ahead on the calendar. Marsha Friedman suggests ways to use special days to promote your company or cause.

How to UnGoogle Yourself
What's to be done when damaging false information about you or your company hits the search engines? Mark Macias provides tactics on how to respond when the bad search result is you.

Public Relations: Your Saving Grace?
A well-executed PR campaign is not a quick payday, but a long-term investment. Steven Le Vine says the ticket to successful returns is to bank on perseverance, perspective, and patience.

Search Engine Optimization for PR Websites
If not well-ranked in the search engines, your site may as well not exist as part of an online public relations campaign. This video interview with SEO expert Chris Tucker provides optimizing tips.

Creating Resonant Multicultural Messages
International marketers are challenged to find message themes that connect with audiences across borders and cultures. This article and video summarize research that works.

Book Excerpt: When the Headline is You
Author Jeff Ansell says when reporters frame their stories, they'll frequently cast newsmakers as characters in a story -- sometimes the hero, sometimes the villain. It's a script you can help write.

Press Releases: Dead or Alive?
With all the players pitching their media ideas, it's tough to keep your release in an editor's 'most wanted' file. Steven Le Vine has some insider insights on how to polish your presser.

How to Get Your Message on Talk Radio
Talk radio is a rousing way to reach a wide audience -- once you catch the attention of producers at the gate. Marsha Friedman has six tips to best pitch a topic and get yourself booked.

Promoting a Newly Public Company
One benefit of taking your company public is a chance to pique the interest of business and financial media. Jim Barbagallo details the advantages and pitfalls in all the attention.

How to Survive a Seasonal Slump
Many people can afford to take a break for the summer or other holiday seasons, but that's a good time to boost your PR campaign with these seven suggestions by Paula Gardner.

Your Message Content is Still King
To capture the overloaded eye of media gatekeepers, website visitors, and other key target audiences, Steve Jursa says to keep your communications customer- centered.

New PR Graduates: Words of Advice
Breaking into public relations fresh out of college is as tough as it's ever been, but Dick Pirozzolo has an insider's take on how to knock at open doors.

How To Get the Media Interested in You
Take a good look around, and you may find any number of angles that would pique the interest of media news hounds. Marsha Friedman has suggestions how.

How Effective Are Your Media Releases?
Not very? Marsha Friedman says it takes more than hoping for magic, and she shares several tips on how to use the best PR tools to get better press.

Why Getting on a Show is So Important
Television viewers are quicker than ever to click-and-flash through commercials. Marsha Friedman says it's key to get yourself seen as content rather than an interruption.

Lessons Learned from Media Ambush
An old PR story goes, "You know you're going to have a bad day when you arrive to find 60 Minutes at your door." A more modern take has Michael Moore knocking, and Mary Doyle shares her own tale.

Communication Appeals & Tactics
You have to win a potential target's attention amid a barrage of thousands of messages daily, then quickly shepherd your audience to hear and accept your point. Steve Van Hook helps pave the path with this video.

The 1982 Tylenol Crisis
Soterios Zoulas details the 80's story of cyanide-laced capsules on store shelves, still serving as a landmark textbook case in effective public relations.

The ABC's of Marketing
Public relations is key in effective marketing, so PR people need to speak the lingo. Just a dozen or so terms and concepts get to the very heart of marketing, covered in this video nutshell.

Six Best Public Relations Writing Tips
Here are six sure-fire ways to liven up your PR copy and keep your reader engaged. Even better, not a single writing suggestion mentions the words grammar, spelling or punctuation

How to Harness The Power of YouTube
New media opportunities such as YouTube provide reach to millions of potential viewers with your business, product or service. Scott Lorenz shares  tips and examples on how to make it work.

Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media
Many messages to the media are zapped fast and easily as emails. Manminder Dhillon has seven reasons why and how simply reaching for the phone may prove better results.

Social Networking Changes Everything
Befuddled by terms such as retweets, hastags, and followfriday? Diana Ennen has this primer on how social networks have rocked PR's world.

How to Counter the Reporter Ambush
What do you do when surprised in your driveway by a confrontational journalist and camera crew? First rule, says Mark Macias, is to avoid anger and excuses. 

What Makes the News Media Run
Peering into the media mindset, communications expert
CR 'Cataunya' Ransom has five concise tips on how to keep your PR message newsworthy.

Wardrobe Tips for a TV Interview
It's no small amount of stress preparing for the blare of lights and cameras, but Scott Lorenz takes away some of the worry with 22 tips on what to wear.

Strategic Public Relations & Brand Development
When you launch or develop an existing brand, public relations should play a critical role, advises Leslie McKerns with a brief how-to.

Pitch News Stories Like a Journalist
Just what goes on in a newsroom as stories are selected? Media insider and author Mark Macias shares some winning guidelines for working with the media. 

PR Strategies for Small Business
It's tough for small business to pluck the plum media spots in a PR campaign. Sheena Nix suggests to go for the low-hanging fruit instead.

The Truth About Public Speaking
As you stand at the dais and scan the crowd, someone may be picking at your presentation, possibly Ed Barks. He has some tips to polish your style.

Winning the PR Media Game
What is the secret behind the great media placements you strive for? One thing is certain, says Vicky Gallion: don't count on any lucky breaks.

The State of PR in Istanbul
Faray Alpay provides an informative insight into the shifting economics and marketing tactics transforming public relations in Turkey.

Plugging In New PR Technologies
You can't be effective in public relations and ignore the facts in today's high-tech world, advises Joanna Kulesa with three top facts to face.

The Role of SEO in Crisis Management
You might minimize the up-top negative hits on search returns with these optimization tips, courtesy of tag-team John Bernstein and Chesa Keane.

When Good Clients Turn Bad
Sometimes a potential problem-client may be obvious right from the start; other times a relationship may go sour. Either way, Pierce Mattie has some tips.

How to Communicate More Effectively
A secret of better communications is to apply the three fundamental rules test. Dr. Thomas Klipstine of the University of South Carolina details how.

The Three C's of Credibility in Crises
For an aura of credibility during crisis situations, Jonathan Bernstein says to project non-verbal cues of compassion, confidence, and competence.

Six No-Hype Copywriting Techniques
Is it possible to be lively and appealing, yet truthful in your potent sales writing? Marcia Yudkin says yes, with these detailed steps in just how to do it.

How to Win the Media's Attention
Want to grab the eyes and ears of a harried editor or reporter? The answer is easy, advises John David: Simply say something worth hearing.

55 Reasons to Send a Media Release
Before you contact the media, make sure your item is newsworthy. What makes good news? Scott Lorenz proffers a long list of ideas.

Boost Website Traffic with Media Releases
Content is key for effective website appeal, but wherefrom does all that content come? Marcia Yudkin says recycled article archives are catchy.

Writing Your Crisis Communications Plan
A bit of surefooted crisis planning in advance can help avoid the high cost of missteps later, warns Gerard Braud, with this detailed how-to.

How to Pitch Stories for Best Media Placement
CR 'Cataunya' Ransom says five simple tips may help to maximize invaluable media response to your publicity campaign.

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Releases
A well-optimized media release will be written with both a search engine and your readers in mind. Margie Zable Fisher offers examples how.

Three Techniques for Generating Publicity
You can better grow a new business on a limited budget by reaching out with these publicity tips from Mary Gormandy White. 

The Two C's of Effective Marketing
To better harness a silver bullet to success, Leslie McKerns says to fire up two C's with a keen focus on your customers and competition.

Public Relations for Non-Profits
Tammie Ferguson says PR neophytes may get a break into entry level public relations and even do some good with non-profit work.

Ten Commandments of a Press Release
To help ensure that your news releases shalt win notice, insider Bill Stoller decrees some shalt nots for preparing your media communications.

Five Tips for Creating World of Mouth PR
CR 'Cataunya' Ransom has a handful of suggestions on how to boost the buzz of your marketing campaign through some basic PR tools and tactics.

Ten Core Media Relations Strategies
Charlotte Tomic has two handfuls of tips and tactics that have stood the test of time, to help ensure your successful media outreach.

Partnerships with Non-Profits
Working with charitable events and causes can be an effective way to jump-start your publicity campaign, with some tips provided by Diana Laverdure.

Crisis Prevention Through Foresight
The secret to effective crisis management, warns Mark Grabowski, is to be prepared *before* Michael Moore or 60 Minutes knocks on your door.

Pitching Oprah Magazine
Your sales may soar if you can score a placement in O Magazine, using the specific suggestions from Susan Harrow; well applied to other media too.

Traditional PR Still Remains Strong
Even in the wake of sometimes turbulent new media developments, the fundamentals of public relations still hold fast, says PR veteran Steve Simon.

Best Tips for Branding Your Company
Looking to polish up your place in the market? Leslie McKerns provides 25 effective ways to enhance your company's name recognition and brand value.

How To Improve Your Team's Writing Skills
Your team can't write? Join the club. But here's some help as Ann Wylie provides five top tips to keep good writers and make poor writers better.

Launching a Multicultural PR Campaign
CR 'Cataunya' Ransom has five solid tips on how to give your brand an advantage in the richly diverse multicultural marketplace.

The Press Release is Alive and Well
Belay the wake and call off the funeral; Christopher Parente advises there's still plenty of kick in a well-prepared release.

Don't Gamble on Your Creativity
Failure to test your creative campaigns before they launch can lead to wasteful efforts that can damage a company's reputation, says Tim Lines.

Want More Media Coverage?
The secret to winning an editor's ear, says Robert Bernarduci, is to strategically start using a selection of eight F-words. 

Free Publicity is Worth Its Weight in Gold
Just starting out on a shoestring? Geoff Simon offers a roster of tips to attract free attention for your fledgling efforts.

Dramatically Improve Your PR Writing Skills
If you're looking for a formula to polish your way with words, Daphne Gray-Grant suggests a visit backward to a 5th grade mathematics lesson.

Marketing for the 60s Set
Every few seconds another of the 78-million US baby boomers turns 60. CR 'Cataunya' Ransom tells how to tap this valuable market.

Seven Baby Steps to Powerful Marketing
Leslie McKerns describes how to walk your way to marketing success with seven simple feats.

Simple Techniques for Media Interviews
To ensure successful relations with reporters and crowds, John Millen recommends tactical tools of crossing the bridge or waving your flag.

Use Technology to Make Reporters Happy
Malaysian journalist Eng Swee has some tips for best working with reporters, which should resonate with PR practitioners around the world.

Driving Technology Thought Leadership
Effective analyst relations can reinforce media campaigns, increase industry visibility and fortify your companyís market vision, says Brian Muys.

Sleepwalking Through the Workday
Effective internal communications may be just the jolt to motivate sluggish employees. Tonya Bacon shares some wake-up tips.

Picking the Right Picture for the Media
A media release accompanied by a perfect selection of photos may boost your chances of publication. Photographer Simon Apps has some helpful tips.

Writing Effective Content for PR & Marketing Materials
Crafting copy for your catalogs or website needn't be a chore. Marcia Yudkin says with the right tools and tactics, it can be fun!

How Publicity Can Dazzle the Public
What does a publicist do to generate dazzling star power? Leslie McKerns explains the job in nine-points.

The Balancing Act of Announcing Bugs
There is an art in the act of when and how to publicize software security vulnerabilities, so described by Shany Seawright.

Loose Talk Costs Careers & Credibility
Your next PR disaster may only be a few careless words away, warns PR analyst and author Gerry McCusker, tracker of PR gaffes from all over the world.

Achieving Fan/Celebrity Communications
Celebrities and their fans share an intertwined bond that can be sweetened with some useful tools and tactics, as detailed by fan site moderator Kieran Bailey.

When the Media Go Too Far
What can you do if reporters break the rules? Get in the game and fight right back with guidelines advised by crisis manager Jonathan Bernstein.

Successful Grassroots Marketing
Outreach campaigns on a shoestring can be powerfully effective if you start from the soil up. Kyle Potvin says it's as simple as mastering three fundamental F's.

The Role of PR for Technology
Today's new technologies rely on public awareness and support to thrive and survive, say industry analysts Patti Hill and Duana Welch.

Raising Your Profile
Is your message consistently set aside in the media shuffle? Kelly Davis suggests some strategic forethought may help you stand out in the crowd.

Trial by Media: A Roster of Do's & Don'ts
If your client is knee-deep in legal crisis or litigation woes, there are several steps or missteps that might help or hinder, says Jonathan Bernstein.

Crisis Plans for Small Business
As the mirror sticker says, crisis situations may be closer than they appear. That's the warning of Ellie Whims, with a guideline for a well-prepared plan.

Tag Line Calisthenics
You worked hard coming up with just the right company name. Now punctuate it with an effective tagline, using Marcia Yudkin's 10-spot exercise.

Media Tours: A Playbook
Need a plan to put your company news personally to the media? Then hit the road with an effective outreach campaign, advises Kristin Duskin-Gadd.

Rise Out of Your Rut
If you're bogged down in routine malaise and can't find a creative spark, it may help to apply six ennui busters, courtesy of Scott Lorenz.

The Art of Mea Culpa
Strategic communicator and attorney Richard Levick considers how your clients can -- and sometimes must -- apologize for their mistakes.

11 Tips for Using Photos & Graphics for Public Relations
The right snapshot can help snap up a busy editor's pick of your media release. Joan Stewart offers a how-to primer for eye-popping pictures.   

The Public Relations Career X Factor
You've completed your studies and are ready for that entry level PR job. Now is the time to make your mark, with some advice from Cori McKeever. 

How to Write Microcontent for the Web
It's the little things that make for effective online communications. Ann Wylie provides a primer on the micro-messaging tactics that help get the word out. 

A New Generation of Public Relations
It's a new era in PR and time to break the old modes and models, says Patti Hill, in this fresh take on what's hot and what is not in public relations. 

How to Make Your Website Name Sizzle
Are all the really good domain names taken? Marcia Yudkin says with a little creativity, you can still stake a distinctive mark.

Putting Passion in Your Public Relations
PR gets much power from a sense of purpose and zeal, says N. Chandramouli, with a perspective from India on the fundamental pillars of success.

You and the Broadcast Media
You might want to connect with top broadcast outlets, but just why should they want to talk to you? Andrew Harvey knows the reasons.

Creating An Online Newsroom
To effectively lure reporters to your newsroom pages, you need to carefully craft a site the media will love, says Bill Stoller with some how-to tips.

Business Names Really Do Matter
A rose by another name may smell as sweet, but would anybody sniff it? Marcia Yudkin offers tips on choosing the right moniker for effective promotion and PR.

How to Write a World-Class Media Release
Don't get lost in the pile. Ann Wylie offers a handful of tips to help make your next media relations piece get an editor's grab. 

Understanding SERM
James Peggie explains that SERM is about search engine reputation management, with a few steps on how to do it right.

What is News?
Just how can you win the attention of busy editors and reporters as they flick through reams of media releases?
 Peter Turkington says friction makes a spark.

Microwaveable Marketing
In a fast-tech marketplace that expects instant results,
Mike Ference suggests tapping your traditional chamber of commerce and business networking groups.

Understanding US Hispanic News Media
Jesus Hernandez Cuellar offers a ten-point list of suggestions to help ensure effective relations with the Hispanic media.  

The New Rules for Public Relations
When the budget gets tight, it's time however tough for PR to keep rolling. Blake Miller considers changes and challenges in public relations strategies.

The Benefits of Being Brief
The secret to maximizing the results of your PR team and consultants is to be concise and clear in just what you hope to achieve, says Barry Walton.

The Perfect Media Package
A well-framed story is a gift every reporter is happy to receive. Margie Fisher offers ten best tips on how to wrap and deliver your media message.

Avoid 'Me Too' Marketing
You can be an innovator rather than an imitator by developing a creative marketing hook. Marcia Yudkin says to put your competitive advantage to work.

Media Releases for all Occasions
The needs of editors and reporters come in all sizes and shapes. PR insider Bill Stoller advises to fashion your release for just the right fit.

What You Don't Know about PR Can Hurt You
And hurt you bad, says PR veteran Robert Kelly. His prescription: go beyond the superficial tools of public relations, and work to alter public perceptions.

The Truth about PR Disasters
It used to be the job of public relations professionals to fix PR disasters -- now they often just perpetuate them, says Gerry McCusker in this book excerpt.

Put Your Networking to Work
It's an overused word but an underused tool, notes avid networker and author Pari Noskin Taichert. Sharpen up your own networking skills with Pari's six pointers.

PR: The Wildcard Marketing Strategy
Small business managers may get the sweats over the PR puzzle. Dali Singh says dry those palms and start your journey to success with a few simple steps. 

Effective Strategies for Online PR
Before PR pros may claim online proficiency, they should master six key technological tools. Dee Rambeau walks us through a high-tech labyrinth.

Public Relations Across Cultures
It can be tough enough to communicate well on the home turf, let alone across the sea. Neil Payne has some tips to help pack your message abroad. 

Boost the Credibility of Your Web Site
Your online presence may frequently be your first and only chance to make a good impression. Marcia Yudkin shares five tips to help make it count.

The Road to Inspiration
Having a hard time striking that creative spark? By way of road trips or power napping, Kyle Potvin says we might meet our muse in the oddest places. 

Press Releases are a Colossal Waste of Time
Why be one more page on the pile? Publicity expert B.L. Ochman says a well-written pitch letter may be the key to get beyond the media gatekeepers.

Don't Overlook the Small Stuff
What may seem a trivial bit could be a nugget of gold to the right reporter. Carolyn Moncel advises it's the small details that often generate big stories. 

Publicity From Thin Air
Don't just sit around waiting for news to happen. Get creative and stir it up yourself, says PR insider Bill Stoller. 

Why Some Crisis Plans Miss the Boat
Poor crisis planning can most certainly sink a company. Tim O'Brien hoists four tips to chart for what rough seas there be. 

Time to Sweeten Up the K*I*S*S Rule
Pari Noskin Taichert says KISH to complicated copy. This "bad girl" of PR suggests to keep it simple, honeybunch. 

PR's Place in the New Millennium
Public relations can be a powerful business booster when 21st century tools and tactics are engaged, says Robert Kelly.

Pitching Your Product is Problematic
Everyone in the world may want, use, and need your product or service -- but so what? Marcia Yudkin says it takes interesting bits to get media bites.

Escaping the Taint of Corporate Scandal
The stench of a few bad eggs can poison the business atmosphere for us all. PR veteran Robbie Vorhaus says the best way to combat corporate mistrust is with the rinsing spin of truth.

How to Improve Your Media Relations
You want to connect well with reporters -- that's your duty and your challenge as a PR professional. Peter Granat has ten best tips to make it so.

Optimizing Press Releases to Show up in Search Engines
A search for your key words may return ten-thousands of hits. Are you in there somewhere? Marcia Yudkin shares some hints for coming in tops.

When to Use a PR Pro & How to Hire One
Do you really need to pay-up and retain the services of a PR person? If you're sure you must, PR's "bad girl" Pari Noskin Taichert offers ten questions you should ask right up front.

Assume the Position
It's good to be known, but it's even more profitable to be wanted. Robert Gelphman shares some marketing insights into the art of becoming wanted through effective positioning.

Effective Steps to Counter a Crisis
Your company is in crisis. What do you do? Where do you start? Who you gonna call? Abbe Ruttenberg Serphos offers six starting points in this crisis management primer.

Recycling Published Articles
Your great media placement has come and gone. The article was a hit, but now it's history, right? Not so, says Kelle Campbell.

A Recipe for Marketing Success
Ready to serve up and dish out your new company? It takes the skill of a master chef to create a stir. Peter Granat helps plan a menu for marketing strategy, and explains why PR is an essential ingredient.

Draw Media Coverage to Trade Shows
Trade shows and industry conferences can be newsworthy events, if they're planned and packaged right. Really. Ian Smith describes four steps to get the media interested in yours.

Plan It!
Find your focus for an effective campaign. The "bad girl" of PR, Pari Noskin Taichert, offers a four-point primer for public relations planning.

How to Pitch Like a Pro
Forget the press release, says PR insider Bill Stoller. Instead wind up and toss the perfect pitch letter if you want a media grand slam. Here's how.

What is Public Relations?
There's nothing magical about successful public relations, says well-seasoned PR pro Robert Kelly. In fact, it's a natural phenomenon.

Practical Pointers for Powerful Press Releases
Want to unleash the full potential of your presser? Pari Noskin Taichert advises us to have a little fun and let the dinosaurs out to play.

Publicity Stunts Still Earn Attention
It may rain on your parade, and fists might fly over mismatches, but penguins pummeling Bill Gates is a great media draw. Marcia Yudkin shares a take on staging successful stunts.

How To Write a Winning Op-Ed
A well executed and strategically place op-ed may well be among the most underutilized tools in the PR arsenal. John McLain has some surefire tips on op-ed craftsmanship.

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release
He's not knocking the value of a well-written presser, but PR insider Bill Stoller says a media release is one of the *last* things you should be thinking about.

Your Career in Public Relations
If you're thinking about a future in public relations and looking for a compass through the rocky terrain ahead, Robert Kelly offers a by-the-number plan to get your PR career off to a good start.

Ten Steps to Better Media Relations
Connecting with the media may always be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Kyle Potvin offers a simple plan for better media placement results.

Amateurism Hurts PR
We've met the enemy, and it is us, says Andy Marken. Here are ways we hurt ourselves through shoddy media releases and relations, and how we might improve the matter.

How Public Relations Can Help Your Business
You can find a payoff if you only move your audience in the right direction through effective PR tactics. Robert Kelly shares how.

From the Mailbag: What Am I Missing?
"I've been extremely successful at getting coverage for my clients, but is that all there is to PR? I feel as if I should be doing more, but I'm not sure what it is."

How to Stage Great Media Events
From concept to finish, successful media events require careful planning and caring execution. PR event specialist Andrew Garlikov says make it easy for the media, and they're more likely to come. 

What does the PR Client REALLY Want, and Why?
They may not say it, they may not even know it. But our clients do expect something substantial in return for their PR investment. Robert Kelly says sound strategies and tactics will bring about satisfying ends.

Planning for a Business Recovery?
When the going gets tough, the tough haul out the heavy firepower. Robert Kelly helps plot a plan for sure-fire PR tactics in hard times.

Squeezing Fresh Tech Media Plans
Marketing and media relations for high-tech companies require some specialized tools. Mark Coker provides a comprehensive checklist for tech PR pros, with some useful tips for the rest of us too.

How to Hit the Public Relations Bullseye
Robert Kelly provides a 12-point plan to nail your PR target with the very first shot.

From the Mailbag: What's Your Best Job Interview Tip?
"I'm trying to schedule interviews with larger PR agencies in my home city. Do you have any tips for my first 'real world' job interview?" Sure thing, right here.

Thinking About a Future in Public Relations?
Build a solid foundation of PR basics and you'll withstand the tests of time and weather. Robert Kelly offers a career blueprint.

Successful Company Communications
Forget all the airy definitions and rationales. The bottom-line for effective public relations is advancing the company bottom-line. Andy Marken says it's all about delivering value.

Fast PR Opportunities on Slow News Days
Sitting in the doldrums with nothing new to promote? Take a fresh look at your old tactics with a wealth of suggestions from Roni Singleton.

Why Public Relations Can Be The Antidote for Small Business Failure
What is a frequently overlooked reason why a small business fails? Simply bad communications. Robert Kelly has some leads on how to nudge your business toward success.

Create a Killer Online Newsroom
Studies show most online newsrooms fail to meet journalists' needs. Kay Bransford shares the top three ways to be among the best online resources when reporters come to call.

Did You Know?
The Dan Rather Rule for answering reporters questions? A five-second trick for beating writer's block? What McDonald's opening was carried live nationwide on three TV networks?

Keep Your PR Copy Trim and Sleek
Your prose will sizzle if you chop some of the fat and keep your message lean and clean. Wordsmith Kelle Campbell shows how to take a cleaver to excess words.

Batter Up! How to Pitch Your Media Release
Whether to use fastballs, curveballs or wild pitches to score with news media. Media expert and baseball fan Jon Greer throws out some suggestions on how to hit a media placement homerun.

From the Mailbag: Should I be a PR Intern?
Internships can give a big boost up your career ladder in public relations. Lots of leads and links, and don't miss the 'best tip' for making the most of your intern time.

Public Relations for the New Entrepreneur
In this fundamental primer for entrepreneurs just finding their feet with public relations, author Jill Lublin prescribes seven basic steps for becoming known.

Is Your Public Relations Investment Paying Off?
Ask yourself this question: why do we use PR anyway? It's expensive, it's time consuming, and it often bombs. Here are five tips by Robert Kelly to help you invest wisely and come closer to the PR bullseye.

Skate Your Way Around Media Crises
Some compare working in the middle of a media frenzy to a three-ring circus, others to outright warfare. Richard Perry says no, it's a hockey game.

Objectives: The 'Weakest Link' in PR
Fuzzy objectives can be the weakest link in a public relations campaign. Mitchell Friedman says g'bye to shoddy goals and welcome to sharper strategies through a bullet list of definitive planning tools.

Public Relations and (or) Advertising
Your message is urgent. Your target is set. Your method is debatable: Should you use public relations? Should you use paid advertising? The answer, says Michael Driscoll, is it depends.

Storytelling and PR
Once upon a time, a CBS newsman had a clever idea. The best way to get a company's story out, is to tell it like a story. Everybody comfy? Well, listen to how Robbie Vorhaus does it.

Making the Most of Media Interviews
Media interviews can be a PR boost or bust. A few moments of preparation can help avoid months of fallout and clean-up. Media training expert Jim Cameron gives a straight take.

In Praise of Secrecy
Stop the muddle-headed deception: proper PR ethics are not grounded in "honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth," says Peter O'Malley in this counterpoint piece.

Ethical Public Relations: Not an Oxymoron

The PR desk is frequently a company's conscience. Itís not always a popular spot to be in, but itís an important job. Done well, you can help navigate an organization to clear skies and treasure. Done wrong and you all hang together.

PR Coups and Capers
Public relations is an inexact science. Sometimes it sizzles, other times it fizzles. Some ideas are immortal, others are fatal. Take a look at these PR wonders and blunders. 

PR Business is Booming
The worldwide revenues of the top 50 PR firms have more than doubled over the last three years. These firms serve many of the world's largest clients. They have state-of-the art resources. They have the jobs. Look here.

Whither (and Whether) Goes PR

How will jobs in Public Relations weather the economic storm? Are those lightning bolts on the horizon? Your PR Guide responds to pertinent questions posed by a PRSA member.

PR: Who Needs it? You Do!
It's not only the big players. Public relations tactics are for the rest of us too: on the job hunt, publicizing fundraisers, tilting at social windmills, or just grabbing a headline.

Your Future in Public Relations
Who has a future in PR, what gets you started, where to find career support when the going gets rough, and why you should even bother. Lots of details and links in this four-part article.

Hiking the Hits on Your PR Site
Attract a throng of eager visitors to your online PR pages by offering a menu of delights. And follow the lead of some of the industry's best.

Crisis Management Moments
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always seek an opportunity in the middle of your crisis situations. Look at these classic examples.

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