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How to Survive a Seasonal Slump
Seven ways to boost business through summers & holidays.
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 by Paula Gardner
Do Your Own PR

Paula GardnerThe season may have only begun, but already I can sense people winding down for summer.

People are telling me that they are feeling tired, struggling to get through their normal work, let alone do any PR. They are eagerly awaiting their summer break or just in a whole different state of mind.
And yet, leave a glaring hole in your PR activities for the next two months and it's just like starting all over again come the Autumn.
So, what do I think you should at least be doing over the season's slump ...?
1. Tip Sheets
Write a "7 ways to" or "The Top 5 Myths about" article. Break up those 7, 5 or whatever number of points into separate emails and schedule one tip or piece of advice to go out each week as a series over the summer months.
Even if you have no press releases going out and are making no follow up calls, the press are still getting regular contact from you and you are continuing to build your brand.
2. Schedule in some Networking Events
You might think that it's not worth it as there will be fewer attendees, but the reality is that you are more likely to strike up a quality conversation when people are relaxed and there's less of a crowd competing for your attention. 

3. Use an Intern
If you're anything like me you may well have projects that you just never seem to have to finish, or ideas that you haven't got around to implementing. Using an intern, whether it's a student or a keen teenager, for the summer, might be one way of getting them off your to-do list. 
4. Boost Your Blog
Many of my clients know that doing a blog would be a wise move, and many of those actually enjoy writing so it won't be too much of a chore. What they haven't yet got is the habit of writing their blog. Why not use these quieter summer months as a time to create that habit by blogging first thing every morning. It doesn't have to be a full scale article, just a comment on what's in the news or even a think piece will do, and think how much juicy search engine friendly content you will have by the end of the summer.
5. Learn About The Press
Take advantage of the summer sun to sit in pavement cafes, sip a smoothie or cappuccino and really get to grips with the difference between media outlets, or just immerse yourself in the trade mags and the language they use, ready for a fresh approach in the Autumn.
6. Take a Day Off
Book out some time to plan your campaign for the Autumn so that everything - your press releases, Twitter, Facebook, article writing, tips, product shots - works together to promote the brand.
7. Look Out for Media Requests
These are requests put out by journalists who are looking for case studies, experts and products for review or goodie bags. You can sometimes spot them on business forums or get sent them by trade associations.

Paula Gardner is the founder of Do Your Own PR - a company which helps businesses boost their profiles with the press and stand out in a crowd.  
Paula is also the author of Do Your Own PR and Get Noticed.

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