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Wired Public Relations

Online public relations campaigns and strategies.

Public Relations on the Internet
An online presence is essential for modern public relations campaigns, and Jonathan Hulet shares tips to help ensure returns.

Social Media at the Expense of Your Website?
While it's important to develop a social media presense, it should not cost losing a focus on the critical online home base. Eddie Velez explains why.

Use Social Media to Boost Your PR
Public relations campaigns are an old guest at social affairs, and it's well past time make a show at roaring new media venues, says PR writer Laura Burkey.

Online PR and SEO: Really the Same Thing?
The duties of PR and search engine optimization may seem as stark as the differences between left and right, but Amanda DiSilvestro says the best results come when they join hands to get the job done.

Social Media Marketing: More Than Promotion
More than just a means to promotional messaging, Eddie Velez says social media can help with customer retention and online reputation, while also reducing administrative costs.

How do Mainstream Media Use Social Media?
Old media and new media are increasingly allies rather than competitors for our attentions. Marcia Friedman counts three ways social media now affect much of what we see, hear, read, and ultimately do.

How to Find Harmony with Power Bloggers
Blogging is still a hazy concept in many outreach campaigns, but Amanda DiSilvestro says powerful bloggers are now gatekeepers to essential audiences, and she suggests four steps to best dip your toes in the blog pool.

Twitter: A Crisis Communications Tool
When the times are heated and the timing is critical, tweets can provide fast and accessible communications with the media and your stakeholders. Social media expert Camrick Clark has four tips how.

As Privacy Concerns Rise, Cookies Crumble
Adrienne Erin says even as customers and companies address privacy issues, tracking and retargeting is here to stay -- as a good thing.

How to Create an Effective Retail Website
First impressions matter most when an easy exit is a quick click away. The tactics to craft a website's design to be more friendly to media visitors are simple and three, as described by Margie Zable Fisher.

The ABC's of Marketing
Public relations is key in effective marketing, so PR people need to speak the lingo. Just a dozen or so terms and concepts get to the very heart of marketing, covered in this video nutshell.

What to Expect from Online Exposure
Do all the efforts and costs of public relations efforts really impact the bottomline of sales? Marsha Friedman offers examples of how they might, and how you might measure the impact.

How to Kill Your Viral Video
It doesn't take much to kill the chances of your video going viral, but with some attentive care, Mark Macias says your video clip can pump life on your website and blog pages.

Social Listening: Hearing Your New PR Ideas
Good social network marketing starts with careful attention to what's already being said. Matthew Stites provides two key starting points to more effective creation of online communciations buzz.

Bloggers Win More Trust Than Celebrities
Publicity expert Marsha Friedman shares detail on findings that bloggers have become a trusted prime source of online information. It's a trend PR communicators should heed.

How to Use Facebook to Market a Book
New authors can save untold thousands in advertising costs and find enthusiastic readers with social networking tools such as Facebook. Scott Lorenz provides seven steps on just how to do it.

Six No-Hype Copywriting Techniques
Is it possible to be lively and appealing, yet truthful in your potent sales writing? Marcia Yudkin says yes, with these detailed steps in just how to do it.

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Have Video
Video clips playing on your business website can entice visitors to stay longer and buy more. Mark Macias explains how videos can showcase your company and enhance customer experience.

How to UnGoogle Yourself
What's to be done when damaging false information about you or your company hits the search engines? Mark Macias provides tactics on how to respond when the bad search result is you.

Search Engine Optimization for PR Websites
If not well-ranked in the search engines, your site may as well not exist as part of an online public relations campaign. This video interview with SEO expert Chris Tucker provides optimizing tips.

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How to Harness The Power of YouTube
New media opportunities such as YouTube provide reach to millions of potential viewers with your business, product or service. Scott Lorenz shares  tips and examples on how to make it work.

Social Networking Changes Everything
Befuddled by terms such as retweets, hastags, and followfriday? Diana Ennen has this primer on how social networks have rocked PR's world.

Plugging In New PR Technologies
You can't be effective in public relations and ignore the facts in today's high-tech world, advises Joanna Kulesa with three top facts to face.

The Role of SEO in Crisis Management
You might minimize the up-top negative hits on search returns with these optimization tips, courtesy of tag-team John Bernstein and Chesa Keane.

Boost Website Traffic with Media Releases
Content is key for effective website appeal, but wherefrom does all that content come? Marcia Yudkin says recycled article archives are catchy.

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Releases
A well-optimized media release will be written with both a search engine and your readers in mind. Margie Zable Fisher offers examples how.

Creating An Online Newsroom
To effectively lure reporters to your newsroom pages, you need to carefully craft a site the media will love, says Bill Stoller with some how-to tips.

How to Write Microcontent for the Web
It's the little things that make for effective online communications. Ann Wylie provides a primer on the micro-messaging tactics that help get the word out. 

Understanding SERM
James Peggie explains that SERM is about search engine reputation management, with a few tips on how to do it right.

The Balancing Act of Announcing Bugs
There is an art in the act of when and how to publicize software security vulnerabilities, so described by Shany Seawright.

Effective Strategies for Online PR
Before PR pros may claim online proficiency, they should master six key technological tools. Dee Rambeau walks us through a high-tech labyrinth.

Boost the Credibility of Your Web Site
Your online presence may frequently be your first and only chance to make a good impression. Marcia Yudkin shares five tips to help make it count.

Hiking the Hits on Your PR Site
Attract a throng of eager visitors to your online PR pages by offering a menu of delights. And learn from the lead of content trailblazers.

(PR)ofiting from Publicity: Online Public Relations
"One of the cheapest ways to market your business is to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist for free or low cost public relations," especially when you tap ever-expanding viritual PR resources. Useful tips from Philippa Gamse in this article. Check her archives for more.

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