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Crisis Management

Make the most of a bad situation.

How to Answer the Really Tough Questions
You may face an unrelenting reporter, an adamant questioner from the audience, or a probing public policymaker. Ed Barks suggests means to handle it best.

Five Ways to Repair a Bad Online Reputation
When they're talking about you on the internet, but the words aren't good, it's time to step up with some reputation management. Heather Legg has a handful of tips how.

Learning from Past Public Relations Crises
What *not* to do in a crisis situation can be just as important as what you *do* do. Amanda DiSilvestro culls some lessons from the examples of companies not-so-successfully coping with crises.

Twitter: A Crisis Communications Tool
When the times are heated and the timing is critical, tweets can provide fast and accessible communications with the media and your stakeholders. Social media expert Camrick Clark has four tips how.

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The Case for a Reputation Protection Model
Case studies ranging from Tylenol, to BP, to sports superstars demonstrate that a solid plan in place can help prepare for and recover from devastating crises. Andrew Gilman comprehensively details how.

How to UnGoogle Yourself
What's to be done when damaging false information about you or your company hits the search engines? Mark Macias provides tactics on how to respond when the bad search result is you.

The 1982 Tylenol Crisis
Soterios Zoulas details the 80's story of cyanide-laced capsules on store shelves, still serving as a landmark textbook case in effective public relations.

How to Respond to a Reporter Ambush
What do you do when surprised in your driveway by confrontational journalist and camera crew? First rule, says Mark Macias, is to avoid anger and lame excuses.

The Role of SEO in Crisis Management
You might minimize the up-top negative hits on search returns with these optimization tips, courtesy of tag-team John Bernstein and Chesa Keane.

Writing Your Communications Plan
A bit of surefooted crisis planning in advance can help avoid the high

Crisis Prevention Through Foresight
The secret to effective crisis management, warns Mark Grabowski, is to be prepared *before* Michael Moore or 60 Minutes knocks on your door.

The Three C's of Credibility in Crises
For an aura of credibility during crisis situations, Jonathan Bernstein says to project non-verbal cues of compassion, confidence, and competence.

Loose Talk Costs Careers & Credibility
Your next PR disaster may only be a few careless words away, warns PR analyst and author Gerry McCusker, tracker of PR gaffes from all over the world.

The Art of Mea Culpa
Strategic communicator and attorney Richard Levick considers how your clients can -- and sometimes must -- apologize for their mistakes.

When the Media Go Too Far
What can you do if reporters break the rules? Get in the  game and fight right back with guidelines advised by crisis manager Jonathan Bernstein.

Crisis Plans for Small Business
As the mirror sticker says, crisis situations may be closer than they appear. That's the warning of Ellie Whims, with a guideline for a well-prepared plan.

The Balancing Act of Announcing Bugs
There is an art in the act of when and how to publicize software security vulnerabilities, so described by Shany Seawright.

The Truth about PR Disasters
It used to be the job of public relations professionals to fix PR disasters -- now they often just perpetuate them, says Gerry McCusker in this book excerpt.

Why Some Crisis Plans Miss the Boat
Poor crisis planning can most certainly sink a company. Tim O'Brien hoists four tips to chart for what rough seas there be. 

Trial by Media: A Roster of Do's & Don'ts
If your client is knee-deep in legal crisis or litigation woes, there are several steps or missteps that might help or hinder, says Jonathan Bernstein.

Crisis Management Moments
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always seek an opportunity in the middle of your PR crisis situations. Look at these classic examples.

Effective Steps to Counter a Crisis
Your company is in crisis. What do you do? Where do you start? Who you gonna call? Abbe Ruttenberg Serphos offers six starting points in this crisis management primer.

Skate Your Way Around Media Crises
Some compare working in the middle of a media frenzy to a three-ring circus, others to outright warfare. Richard Perry says no, it's a hockey game.

Crisis Communication Plan
An effective crisis communication blueprint including procedure templates, prepared by Sandra K. Clawson Freeo.

Essence of Crisis Management
Useful definitions and assessment tools of crisis management, from the crisis experts at the Institute for Crisis Management.

Institute for Crisis Management
Offers training, certification, resources, references, studies, and more on crisis management.

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