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PR Desk References

Dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps, style guides, country reports, currency converters, language translators ...

Media Directories
Media directories for print and broadcast outlets. Search for local, national and international media markets.

References & Research
PR professionals often need to research wide-ranging topics far afield from their area of expertise. These reference resources will help you get the job done.

Training & Development
Public Relations and related communication technologies are clipping along at a lightening pace. Keep your PR skills sharp & current with seminars, how-to's, and more.

Assignment Editor
Extensive links, links, links to media and reference resources.
Here you can glean data from the 'world's most respected encyclopedia,' expert reviews of the Web's best sites, timely articles from leading magazines, and related books.

Burrelle's Information Service
The place to *buy* television & radio program transcripts, media directories, media monitoring.

" (buz´wak er) n. A person who receives some degree of pleasure in bursting the bubbles of the pompous." This site is dedicated to de-mystifying buzzwords.

CIA WorldFactbook
Comprensive country profiles, maps and more from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Contentious Best of the Net
A fine e-zine for 'people who create or publish content for online media,' edited by online content consultant Amy Gahran. Free subscription to monthly newsletter.

Dictionary & Thesaurus Dot Com
Fast & easy word resource. Useful links to writing guides, foreign language dictionaries, online translators.

Elements of Style (William Strunk, Jr.)
*THE* classic reference book for any student and conscientious writer, it gives in brief the fundamental how-to's of clear, correct composition.

Expedia Currency Converter
Convert to, from, and among dozens of world currencies, from Albanian leks to Zambian kwacha.

Useful travel guides to some of the world's top destinations.

Information Please
Online dictionary, encylopedia, atlas, and almanacs. Nice K-12 layout.

Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style
A collegiate hyperlinked writing primer.

Mapquest Desk
Maps, maps, maps. Get the big picture, or zoom in on street intersections around the world.

Media Directories for PR Professionals
Media directories for print and broadcast outlets.

Web Style Guide
An online editorial style manual for online writers, from Yale.

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