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PR codes of ethics.

Ethical Public Relations: Not an Oxymoron
The PR desk is frequently a company's conscience. Itís not always a popular spot to be in, but itís an important job.

In Praise of Secrecy
Stop the muddle-headed deception: proper PR ethics are not grounded in "honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth," says Peter O'Malley in this counterpoint piece.

Social Responsibility and Public Relations
Public relations pros and aspirants are in a special position to advance causes for good. Writer Anna Levy interviews 'green' agency head Anna Guyer on tips to put three P's of people, profit and planet into PR play.

How to Run Ethically Sound PR Campaigns
Publicists are typically under pressure to provide fast and fabulous results for their clients. Steven Le Vineoffers five tips on how to speed along while avoiding perilous shortcuts down hazardous roads.

The Truth about PR Disasters
It used to be the job of public relations professionals to fix PR disasters -- now they often just perpetuate them, says Gerry McCusker in this book excerpt.

Codes of Ethics Online
An extensive collection of more than 850 codes of ethics of professional societies, corporations, government, and academic institutions, courtesy of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

IABC Code of Ethics
The International Association of Business Communicators takes a transcultural stance in its ethics code.

IPRA Code of Conduct
A four-point ethical code adopted by the International Public Relations Association covering personal and professional integrity, conduct towards clients and employers, conduct towards the public and the media, and conduct towards colleagues.

SPJC Code of Ethics
Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty, says the Society of Professional Journalists.

PR Watch
PR Watch is published by the Center for Media & Democracy, a nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry, combating manipulative and misleading PR practices.

The Complete Idiotís Guide to Public Relations Ethics
Written by Zhenya Gene Senyak. Doh!

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