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Professional PR Organizations

Some of the top organizations providing professional support for PR practitioners.

References & Research
PR professionals often need to research wide-ranging topics far afield from their area of expertise. These reference resources will help you get the job done.

Training & Development
Public Relations and related communication technologies are clipping along at a lightening pace. Keep your PR skills sharp & current with seminars, how-to's, and more.

The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
Offers good practices to assist nonprofits and foundations in improving their efficiency and effectiveness. The free online Guide provides tips and resources organized within topic areas including Advocacy, Communications and Marketing, Foundations and Grantmaking, and Volunteer Management. 

Global Marketing Organizations
International agencies and organizations serving marketers.

Canadian Public Relations Society
The CPRS is a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to serving Canadians through the establishment and maintenance of high professional, educational and ethical standards in public relations. 1,500 members in 18 member societies across Canada.

Council of Public Relations Firms
Provides PR industry information covering topics such as how to find and hire a public relations firm; how to start a career in public relations; ways to research the industry; and process for members and firms interested in joining. The site also posts detailed rankings of top PR firms.

Entertainment Publicists Professional Society
The EPPS serves as a professional resource for the entertainment industry and academic institutions in matters involving entertainment public relations, and also provides members with the opportunity to exchange information for permanent and freelance employment.

Institute for Public Relations
Established in 1956, IPR carries out valuable PR research, education programs, and makes data widely available to improve the profession. The IPR has supported more than 200 separate research projects covering everything from what PR students should study to an analysis of how new technologies are affecting the profession.

Institute of Public Relations / UK
The IPR is the professional body for PR practitioners in the UK, with over 7,000 members involved in all aspects of the public relations industry. "It is the largest professional body of its type in Europe with rigorous qualifications for membership ensuring that standards are high and maintained."

International Association of Business Communicators
A 13,700 membership with access to industry information sources including Communications World Online for searching business communication topics. Plus a current and free PR job board provided to members and non-members lets you interact directly with the employer or agency posting the notice.

International Public Relations Association
IPRA aims at providing professional development and personal networking opportunities for its worldwide membership and promoting the practice of public relations on a global level.

Issue Management Council
The IMC is a professional membership organization for people whose work is managing issues and those who wish to advance the discipline.

Media Insider
A free service for the PR community, Media Insider is hosted by PR Newswire and ProfNet, its expert directory linking reporters to 11,000 media relations professionals. Among the departments for registered users (it's free): media placement intelligence, reflections on the practice of PR, and a bulletin board for jobs in PR.

Public Relations Institute of New Zealand
PRINZ has 650 members throughout New Zealand and is a member of the Public Relations Global Alliance, and welcomes overseas membership.

Public Relations Society of America
PRSA is the industry's largest professional group. In depth PR resources, member and agency lists, links and several superb publications - Strategist and Tactics. PRSA has 114 chapters throughout the United States, with about 20,000 members.

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