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Public Relations Feature Article Archives
PR professionals share their very best insider secrets and tips on how to conduct winning public relations.

Jobs in Public Relations
Your first stop on the way to a successful career in public relations. Links to job listings, agencies, and major PR employers.

Career Guides - Public Relations
Find a seasoned career guide or mentor, get resume tips, and research job-finding resources.

Internships in Public Relations
Find a PR internship with a company, agency, or non-profit organization for your career starter. Check links to employment sites and top PR agencies.

Toolkit: How to PR
Your Public Relations Toolkit: writing a press release, working with the media, crafting a speech, links to fundamental resources, and more. All primed and sorted in this handy toolbox.

Basics of Public Relations
Fundamentals of Public Relations including definitions, industry trends, employment, primers, associations. The ABCs of PR.

Desk Reference Resources
Dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps, style guides, country reports, currency converters, language translators ... handy references for the PR desktop.

Media Directories for PR Professionals
Media directories for print and broadcast outlets. Search for local, national and international media markets.

Media Relations for PR Pros
Developing effective relations with media outlets is key for PR professionals. Find more ways to maximize your media placements with insider tips.

Agencies & Firms - Public Relations
Top domestic and international public relations firms. Link directly to the company pages -- a great way to search for jobs and internships, and learn about an agency's areas of specialization.

Beginner's PR Resources
Basic resources for Public Relations beginners including education, internship opportunities, employment links, reference materials.

Crisis Management
Make the most of a bad situation. How-to tips, case studies and blueprints for PR crisis management.

Ethics - Public Relations
Public Relations workers often serve as the conscience of an organization. Here are links to codes of ethics specific to public relations, and business in general.

Industry News for PR Professionals
Public Relations headlines, analyses, news and views from the industry's top associations, institutes, and information repositories.. All about PR by those who know PR best.

International Public Relations
Practice more effective global, transcultural public relations and communications. Link to international resources, worldwide PR firms, employment opportunities.

Marketing and Public Relations
Public relations' place in effective marketing campaigns. Strategies, plans, tactics, resources.

Professional PR Associations
Some of the top associations and organizations providing professional support for PR practitioners. Many of them provide job listings and skill development tools.

PR Publications
Some of the best hard-copy and online publications supporting PR professionals.

References & Research
PR professionals often need to research wide-ranging topics far afield from their area of expertise. These reference resources will help you get the job done.

Training & Development
Public Relations and related communication technologies are clipping along at a lightening pace. Keep your PR skills sharp & current with seminars, how-to's, and more.

Wired Public Relations
PR is finding its place on the Internet. See how PR trailblazers execute online public relations campaigns and strategies.

Zines - Public Relations
Online magazines for pros in public relations, marketing, communications.

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