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Your Best-of-the-Net PR Links
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Public Relations Society of America   
Best of the Net
PRSA is the industry's largest professional group. In depth PR resources, member and agency lists, links and several superb publications - Strategist  and Tactics. PRSA has 114 chapters throughout the United States, with about 20,000 members.
A 13,700 membership with access to industry information sources for searching business communication topics. Plus a current and free PR job board provided to members and non-members  lets you interact directly with the employer or agency posting the notice.
Media Insider  Best of the Net
A free service for the PR community, Media Insider is hosted by PR Newswire and ProfNet, its expert directory linking reporters to 11,000 media relations professionals. 
O'Dwyer's PR Market Place  Best of the Net
Online access to the inside news of public relations, including firms, insider analyses, jobs, publications, and more. The site provides a handy homepage search button to find a company's representative PR firm.
InfoCom Group - Bulldog Reporter  
Best of the Net

Your "media, marketing and management HQ," assisting PR, advertising and legal professionals.  Also free e-zine subscriptions on specialized PR & media topics topics like PR metrics, training, PR on the Internet, crisis, etc.
Business Wire  Best of the Net
The first newswire to establish an Internet Web site in 1995, BW delivers company-generated news and multimedia content to traditional and online newsrooms, targeted journalists, and other wired news consumers. Provides free access to member company news archives, including profiles and electronic media kits.
Institute for Public Relations  
Best of the Net
Established in 1956, IPR carries out valuable PR research, education programs, and makes data widely available to improve the profession. The IPR has supported more than 200 separate research projects covering everything from what PR students should study to an analysis of how new technologies are affecting the profession.
PR NewsWire  Best of the Net
Provides comprehensive communications services for public relations and investor relations professionals ranging from information distribution and market intelligence to the creation of online multimedia content and investor relations web sites. PRN's 33,000 members consist of communications firms, government agencies, and companies including 70 percent of the Fortune 500.
InternetWire  Best of the Net
Internet Wire distributes corporate news, including press releases, financial announcements, graphics, audio and video files, and other time-critical business communications materials across an array of industry-specific channels.
PRWeek  Best of the Net
The first weekly magazine to offer nationwide coverage of the public relations business. It carries the latest news, in-depth analysis, top columnists, and reviews of campaigns - plus a big selection of job opportunities for PR professionals across the US.
Links to television and radio broadcasters and networks around the world, from Australia to Vatican City and nations in between. Most national broadcaster sites are in their local language.
Media Locator - Newspapers  Best of the Net
Search for US and international newspapers, trade journals, arts, specialty, college, online papers and news services. Well-designed site also features entertainment and business publications. Useful state market divisions.
Public Relations Is ...  Best of the Net
Industry insiders define Public Relations in 75-words-or-less -- sometimes profoundly and often irreverently.
PRSA Tactics Monthly Newspaper  
Best of the Net
PRSA's award-winning monthly newspaper that publishes news, trends, and how-to information about the practice of public relations.  
Communication World   Best of the Net
A "members-only" feature of the IABC, yet this link will lead you to PDF articles from current and past issues.
IABC Job Board  Best of the Net
IABC maintains a current and free PR job board provided to members and non-members that lets you interact directly with the employer or agency posting the notice.
FastCompany PR Guidelines  
Best of the Net
Some rock-solid suggestions for improving your media relations techniques and placement success with just about any media outlet.
Who Owns What?  Best of the Net
A comprehensive compilation of who owns what media. An outstanding resource guide maintained by Aaron Moore.
Work in PR  Best of the Net seeks to be 'the premier jobsite for current & future PR professionals.' Free registration required.
PRWeek Jobs  Best of the Net
A new, fully searchable database lets you look for jobs by company, industry, job title, level of experience and location. Requires free registration.

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